For training in your home I have found working with one of the programs below to have the most success in solving your pet's problems. The first session includes going over what steps are needed to curb the current behaviors as well as the first steps in training the behaviors you really want. Successive sessions will give you the next steps in the training process as well as any tweaks we need to add or change for your pet's specific needs. Each program's training will be tailored not only to your pet and family but for how you all learn and interact so that the training will easily fit into your busy life.

I will teach you using scientifically proven training methods that will easy enough for you and your dog to learn. Including a positive behavior marker and wrong choice cue so that you can quickly tell your dog what behaviors you want them to do. With each session there will be written instructions sent to you after so you can focus on the session instead of taking notes and still remember what to do when we aren't there. In addition each program has online help so you can email if you have questions or issues at any time.

IF you don't see what you need below in amount of sessions or type we are happy to customize a program to fit any need.

Pick one of the Programs below or Call to Create your Own!

Pet Manners- $225
This program is great for learning basic cues that will make living with your dog so much better. This is for the family who wants to take more of an active part in their dog's learning process and has the ability to train more often on their own.
3 sessions of in your home training
Learn up to 6 Cues
1 year of unlimited online help if any issue would come up
Great Pet  -$375
This dog program is covering most of the everyday cues that will make life with your dog fun and easy. Get more time with a certified trainer teaching you so you can train easier and quicker, plus start distraction training in a public space near you.
4 sessions of in your home training
1 public distraction training session
Learn up to 8 Cues
2 years of unlimited online help if any issue would come up
Perfect Pet- $560
This program covers all the everyday and special cues that you’ll want for that perfect pet in your home. We will work with the pets one on one to set a base for easy training with you; they’ll get a head start that makes your training times much easier. Plus your the time with the certified trainer will have your dog behaving beautifully when we go to work in the public space.
5 sessions of in your home training
2 away from home training (we come in and do all the work)
1 public distraction training session
Learn up to 10 Cues
5 years of unlimited online help if any issue would come up



Dog and Home Sitting- $70 per night (Get $30 off when you book for 7 days). I will come and stay with the dog overnight and make your home as my home while you are away. With keeping your dog at home you don't have to worry about routine changes and stress caused by them. I will also bring in any mail, newspapers, water plants, etc as needed for the house. This includes a free meet and greet to learn your routine and have introductions between your dog and myself. I do not charge extra for more pets or medications but see the policies below.

Let outs- $20 for a 30 minutes. A let out and play time or walk as weather permits. I can also feed or give meds (per your instructions) if needed. Great for active pets that need to let off some steam during the day or for young and old pets that need some potty breaks.



Our Service Area includes St. Paul down to Hampton, Savage to Hastings. This is much of the Southern Metro Area, please contact us if you are wondering if you are within our area.

Cancellation Policy:
Since I will be driving to your home, I ask that you please call or email if there are any changes to your scheduled session before the day of the session. I understand family emergencies and pet sickness, and will accommodate those as best as I can, within reason.
*Cancellations by phone, text, or email with less than 12 hours notice are subject to a $20 cancellation fee before their next session is made.

Vaccination Policy:
*Your dog must be vaccinated for rabies, and agree that if your dog is found not to be vaccinated, and a bite occurs, your dog will be quarantined according to city laws.

Payment Policy:
*All payments will be paid in full at or before the time of service. We take checks, cash and credit card payments via Square.

D.O.G. Training has the right to refuse service in both training and housesitting. We can help with many issues, but extreme aggression issues will be referred out. For housesitting, there is a limited amount of days available. I will be at the home as much as possible but cannot be there all day every day, but every night is guaranteed. Homes with multiple cats or birds, may prevent me from staying due to allergy issues. Please contact me with any questions.